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About Us

An Enabling Space for Healing and Thriving

SoLua was born as a family project, for living in freedom and connected to the heart, facilitating transformation and growth. The project is always evolving where one is free to explore their interaction with life. we are a off-grid project in south Portugal where we are trying to be the change we want to see in the world¬† through daily life experiences, workshops, inner-development healing sessions, and various activities, with the invitation to live one’s personal growth and inner peace.


Our Vision

We believe in living with balance, peace, freedom and love.

We strive to create a space to cultivate these qualities, for us, for people, and the planet, knowing that even the smallest of actions may positively resonate in the global vibration – and this is SoLua.

For us, the experience of The Oneness of life is embodied in containing the paradox of life, both shadows and lights, the divine and the human, the masculine and feminine, the sun and the moon = The SoLua.

Balanced dualities create Oneness.

In our journey through life we strive to nurture our inner passions, and share them with like-minded people. Experience has taught us that the path is unknown, revealing itself with each step we take. 

Based on our beliefs and experiences, we do our best to keep our attention on the natural pace of the land, flowing with its energy to gradually and organically create new structures, new gardens, and new sacred spaces.

Balanced Dualities Create Oneness

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