Who We Are

A family of four
in the growing international community of rural Alentejo

We are a family of four, arrived in Portugal in July 2015 on a journey exploring our core belief system, consciously creating our daily reality in tune with our vision: to live a sustainable life of trust, in contact with ourselves and others.

SoLua was born in Alentejo, Southern Portugal, to cultivate a platform, a safe haven that facilitates and enables the experience of transformation and freedom, authenticity, and creativity.

Alentejo had us at hello 🙂

We fell in love with the wild nature, the kindness of people, and the vast sense of true freedom.

Tamir is a visionary pioneer, natural free-flow builder, a sculptor of the land.

Luna is a consciousness artist, a healer, and a teacher working worldwide while nourishing the family as a homemaker.

The kids, Daria and Ivri, are already speaking three languages and discovering life in an alternative raw way.

Daria is a painter, a fast reader, and a dessert chef.

Ivri is an explorer, a harmony keeper, and a great giver of Shiatsu.

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Our Vision

For us, the experience of The Oneness of life is embodied in containing the paradox of life, both shadows and lights, the divine and the human, the masculine and feminine, the sun and the moon = SoLua.

We wish to create an ever-changing space for exploration, growth and connection, human to human, human to nature, and human to life itself. A place that allows us to grow, play, change, evolve, explore our core beliefs, studying ourselves and life itself together with a lot of fun.

We wish to give back to life, to support it via a sustainable approach to living, both physically and spiritually, and add our energy to the joined pool of energy of those who strive to make this world more harmonious, and the human species a kinder species.

We wish to share our journey with like-minded people who care about nurturing their inner passions, and experiencing life to its fullest.

A Glimpse to the Future

The future is unknown, yet a vision of the future exists in the Now.

Take a short glimpse into the future of SoLua; some have already taken form in reality, some are in the process, and some are yet to come.

There are many different nooks and crannies on the land, divided into three general areas:

The living area
Which includes the houses, a gathering space, and kitchen gardens.
The healing center

With its Eco-guesthouse, outdoor kitchen, spa, workshop area, ceremony domes, and organic garden.

The enchanted forest
A wild local forest, on the other side of the valley, is where we plan on having pools, meditation spaces, secret spots, and maybe a couple of tree houses or rustic cabins.