Sacred Partying

In the heart of the land, encircled by forest, there is a magical place and space for gatherings and special events.

Under the open starlit sky stands a giant geodesic dome, where we host events and invite others to host their events.

The space can be modulated, shaped, and reborn to facilitate various needs and wants.

With its unique atmosphere, the dome is the home of a singing circle, and our Conscious Party – Lucid Dream Journey, a beautiful part of the SoLua journey.

Lucid Dream Journey is a concept and a party. It originated as a celebration of life and unity, hosting international DJs, performing artists, lighting designs, and fantastic food and non-alcoholic drinks, all aimed at sharing a profound, playful, and enjoyable journey.

Our space offers:

  A bar

  A dome dance floor

  A chill-out area

  A camping spot

  A healing space

  The hug of the forest

  The camping has its toilets and solar electricity.