The Land

We are the stewards of 20 hectares (49 Acres) of rolling woods, hugged by hill slopes and nature. We are focused on allowing the natural and organic development of the land, working with its natural curves, and implementing Permaculture techniques to work with the land with love and care. See more photos here.

Sustainable living in SoLua

Our feelings, our thoughts, our actions

Our off-the-grid farm is in constant organic development by constructing various sustainable structures and designing spaces on the land.

From the geodesic domes, through ecological and sustainable homes, the children’s camp, an outside bar, and the summer festival arena, to the organic gardens, the food forest, the meditation spots, and more, we celebrate the various expressions of the land.

Supplying our own water, electricity, and all that is needed for sustainable living.

We investigate sustainable construction solutions by focusing mainly on natural materials and incorporating ancient and modern technologies.

Hosting international seminars and workshops supports the global transformation we all go through together.

SoLua, with all its magic, is located about two hours drive south of Lisbon, 50 minutes from the ocean, and 20 minutes from the Santa Clara lake. We are blessed to be surrounded by many intentional communities and creative new-world projects, such as Tamera, 108, Monte Sahaja (Mooji), and many more, as the vanguard of ecology and permaculture. See more photos here.

And more photos